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Male Intermittent Catheter


HydroSil Go™ Male is a ready-to-use silicone intermittent urinary catheter with a self-hydrating coating over a hydrophilic coating. HydroSil Go™ is made from a unique form of hydrophilic silicone that is flexible, yet sufficiently firm and resilient. Which makes it the ideal product for a comfortable and virtually ‘friction-free’ catheterisation as it adapts to the urethral contours.

Gripper insertion sleeve:

HydroSil Go™ provides control with a no-touch insertion technique-allowing the catheter to be held firmly without touching the surface, minimising the risk of contamination.

New, unique CLEANGLIDE™ technology:

CLEANGUIDE™ is a lubricious coating that maintains the catheter in a hydrated state without requiring activation or lubrication prior to use.

Three-layer silicone catheter:

With its self-hydrating coating, the HydroSil Go™ with CLEANGUIDE™ technology is designed to glide easily and comfortably through the urinary tract.

Discreet packaging:

HydroSil Go™ package is discreet and gives you the ability to carry it folded in a compact format. The adhesive folding tab frees up your hands by attaching to dry, vertical surfaces.

Saves time:

Thanks to the HydroSil Go™ catheter there is no need to activate the coating or add lubricant anymore. It is ready to go out of the package.

Tapered tip and comfort sized eyelets:

Enables ease of catheter movement in sensitive areas of the anatomy.

To order products, please contact our Customer Care team on 0800 0121 699 or email: ukcustomercare@crbard.com, Please consult product labels and inserts for any indications, contraindications, hazards, warnings, precautions and instructions for use.

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Description Part Number Size Quantity Natural Latex?
HYDROSIL GO Male Intermittent Catheter 73810G 10ch 30 no
HYDROSIL GO Male Intermittent Catheter 73812G 12ch 30 no
HYDROSIL GO Male Intermittent Catheter 73814G 14ch 30 no
HYDROSIL GO Male Intermittent Catheter 73816G 16ch 30 no
HYDROSIL GO Male Intermittent Catheter 73818G 18ch 30 no
HYDROSIL GO Male Intermittent Catheter 73820G 20ch 30 no

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