- Bard Care

On the go (travelling by plane/train)


  • When booking your ticket, try to reserve a seat near the lavatories, to reduce any concerns and increase your confidence.
  • If you are an Intermittent Catheter user consider catheterising just prior to boarding – that way, you won’t be worrying during your journey.
  • Carry a travel certificate to assist at any security checkpoints. A travel certificate will detail your condition, your medical provisions and the potential need for privacy during security procedures.

Liquids in your hand luggage

  • All Bard catheters fall within the allowed limit for liquids on board (generally 100ml), and can be clearly seen on X-ray without the need to remove from the packaging.
  • Unless it is unavoidable, pack liquids in the luggage you are placing in the hold. (Liquids in this instance covers drinks and liquid foods, cosmetics and toiletries, gels, pastes, sprays, contact lens solution and other such items).
  • If you do need to take liquids into the cabin, check online with the airline for any specific details.