Sex: spinal cord injury & multiple sclerosis - Bard Care

When living with spinal cord injury (SCI) or multiple sclerosis (MS), sex can become something of a taboo subject — even though it may be a pillar of meaningful human relationships. Not feeling sexual, lacking in sexual confidence, and feelings of inadequacy are common mindsets of those who have SCI or MS. Consequently, we wanted to create resources that break this barrier down, and prove that sexual intimacy should not, at any point, be considered anything less than a real possibility for anyone.


No matter the level of injury or severity of condition, sexual intimacy is always within reach — that’s the beauty within it — because it’s more than the physical act of intercourse. In fact, intimacy covers a wonderfully broad and diverse range of activities you can discover either with your partner, or by yourself. 


From learning about how to have sex in a wheelchair, to rediscovering your own sexuality, these articles are here to help uncover the possibilities of sex and intimacy when living with SCI and MS — including first hand advice from existing Bard patients.