Living with multiple sclerosis & spinal cord injury - Bard Care

Whether you live with spinal cord injury (SCI) or multiple sclerosis (MS), or are caring for someone who is, ask yourself: what do you consider ‘normal’ to be? At Bard, we believe it relates to living a comfortable life, and feeling comfortable in yourself. Whether through socialising, going on holiday, intimacy, or being in a working environment, being comfortable has a big impact on how we enjoy our quality of life.


There should be no one definition of ‘being normal’, and we want to dissolve the image of normality as someone being able to do things that others may not. Through learning about how to travel abroad with a catheter, making a home wheelchair-friendly, or discovering how wheelchair users can go back to work, these articles are dedicated to the enjoyment of life with SCI and MS.


We’ve enlisted the help of medical experts and existing Bard patients to help us realise this — to provide first hand knowledge and true experience. As a result, it’s a space where people are free to share advice and inspirational stories to those who need them.