Exercise: multiple sclerosis & spinal cord injury - Bard Care

When living with spinal cord injury (SCI) and multiple sclerosis (MS), the role exercise can play is a rather large one —  its benefits can be a route to new opportunity and improved wellbeing. At Bard, this is a message we really want to push, and we’ve spoken to medical experts to help us do just that.


These articles will help inform carers, patients, and family members alike of not only the physical benefits of exercise — but also the psychological. Whether that be boosting positivity through fitness routines, or helping to rediscover sexual vigour and encouraging social activity through sport.


We understand, however, that approaching exercise can seem like an impossible challenge when living with SCI and MS. This is why we at Bard have created this hub as a space where anybody can find the inspiration to discover how exercise can help them personally, or those they are looking after.