Understanding intermittent catheters - Bard Care

Catheter usage is an area that many people may feel embarrassed, perhaps even ashamed, to talk about in front or friends of family. It’s something that we’re all too aware of at Bard. This series of articles is tailored to break down these barriers — both for experienced and beginner catheter users. Utilising medical expertise from experts and patients, we’ve compiled a comprehensive hub of information on what to do when living with a catheter — so catheter users never have to feel as though they’re in this alone.


Whether it’s discussing how to properly self-catheterise for the first time or managing urinary tract infection risks, we will take you through all the aspects of complete catheter care and usage. Catheters may be required due to a number of reasons, ranging from a serious injury or condition such as multiple sclerosis to bladder incontinence. No matter the cause though, the articles are there to help inform catheter users, family members, and caregivers of what can help to ensure, and promote, a complete and comfortable life.