Having a Bad Day - An Interview

I’ve come a long way with that one and I believe that my husband – I can give credit – to reminding me that everybody has bad days.  It is very easy when you are a quadriplegic, or when you are in a chair, that you want to kind of point your fingers and say I am having a bad day because I’m paralyzed.  Or I am having a bad day because I’m a quadriplegic.  And when my husband will step in often times, if he hears me, alluding to that – he will say, no – you’re just having a bad day cause it is a bad day.  Simple as that.  So, I think it is very important that we remind our self that everybody has bad days.  It’s not always associated with the chair or our paralysis.  It could simply be just a bad day. It’s part of life.


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