Going Home from Rehab - What concerns did I have? - An Interview

What do people in chairs seem to worry about when they leave rehab? 

Often times, we get in this community with other people in wheelchairs and it’s a great opportunity to share experiences, to share ideas and to share products even – for that matter.  And so, we get the question – Hey, how do you do this or how do you do that?  It might be from incontinence to how do you get off the floor when you fall?  How do you get back in your chair?  How do you transfer or how do you drive?  What kind of hand controls do you use?  So there’s all that ‘life’ questions that don’t always get answered in rehab because they’re not – it’s not practical at that moment in time.  The rehab is like school again.  They are teaching you the basics and then it’s up to you to figure out what works best for you.  We, often times, bounce ideas off each other and that makes a big difference.


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