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URIPLAN® Accessories

Leg Bag Holder

As an alternative to leg straps, the URISLEEVE® Leg Bag Holder, supports the weight of the Leg Bag preventing 'drag' on the catheter, providing security and maximum comfort.

Tap Lock

The URILOCK® Tap Lock is a device designed to click onto the lever taps of the URIPLAN® Leg Bags, or the FLIP-FLO® Catheter Valve and so prevent accidental opening.

URIPLAN® Loose Covers

URIPLAN® Loose Covers can be fitted to the back of the URIPLAN® Leg Bag range and are ideal for those who prefer not to wear a URISLEEVE® but require a soft backing to their leg bag.

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Description Part Number Pip Code Size Quantity Natural Latex?
URISLEEVE® Leg Bag Holder 150111 243-9255 Small 4/case No
URISLEEVE® Leg Bag Holder 150121 243-9263 Medium 4/case No
URISLEEVE® Leg Bag Holder 150131 243-9271 Large 4/case No
URISLEEVE® Leg Bag Holder 150141 378-4428 Extra Large 4/case No
URIPLAN ® Loose Covers S5000 n/a n/a 10/case Yes
URIPLAN® Elastic/Velcro® Leg Bag Straps 15LS 023-5929 n/a 5 pairs No
URILOCK® Tap Lock S8081 n/a n/a 10/case No

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