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FLIP-FLO® Catheter Valve

The FLIP-FLO® Catheter Valve is suitable for a wide range of patients using either urethral or suprapubic catheters.

When used from the start the FLIP-FLO® Catheter Valve can help to maintain bladder tone and capacity.1 The flushing action may also reduce the risk of infections and blockage.2

  1. Fader M et al. Br J Nursing 1997; 6 (7); 359-367
  2. Addison R. Br J Nursong 1999; 8 (9); 567-580



  • Easy to open lever tap
  • Empty bladder at own convenience
  • Helps maintain bladder tone and capacity

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Description Part Number Pip Code Kit Components Quantity Natural Latex?
FLIP-FLO® Catheter Valve BFF5 219-0577 180° lever tap 5/case No

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