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VitaScan PD Real-Time Ultrasound Scanner

The VitaScan PD is a mobile, fully self-contained real-time bladder scanner. Safe, accurate, fast and it requires no sonographical experience to be operated. Reports can be printed via its internal printer or stored on a USB-stick in JPEG format. The VitaScan PD is a durable bladder scanner with a fast boot-up time making it the suitable for remote use.



  • Real-time imaging - accurate and reliable
  • Touchscreen – easy to use with a 6-hour battery capacity
  • Portable design – intuitive design for carrying with a soft case to protect during transportation
  • Fully automatic calculation – single button control, scanning multiple planes from one position – with 3D imaging options
  • Easy integration – the VitaScan PD comes with an ‘easy-mode’ feature
  • Three scan depth
  • Integrated thermal printer and USB port


VitaScan PD Bladder Scanner is manufactured by Vitacon, Norway

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Description Part Number
VitaScan PD Real-Time Bladder Scanner with Probe 100570CP
VitaScan Trolley with adjustable height, probe brace and basket 100762

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