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What is COBWEB® Continence
Budget Management System?


The COBWEB® System is a computer-based software package providing central patient management to deliver the best patient care whilst closely controlling your continence and stoma budget. The proven COBWEB® System can be used by continence/stoma services within the community to monitor and manage prescriptions. The system acts as a database of all continence and stoma patients in your area, helping you review and optimise Drug Tariff product usage within the community.

COBWEB® Continence Budget Management System : The Benefits

  • Appliance Usage Review (AUR)
  • Budget Control
  • Reporting and Information
  • Patient Feedback
  • Formulary Compliance

COBWEB® System Support

Our experienced team will be on hand to provide support at each stage of implementing the COBWEB® System, from developing your business case through to installing the system and providing on-site training for all appropriate staff.

COBWEB® System Achievements1

  • COBWEB® System is now live in several areas throughout the UK delivering better patient care and reducing spend
  • North Manchester CCG saved 25% on their prescribing budget in year one for continence and stoma products in the community. This saving funded one new Stoma Care Nurse post.
  • COBWEB® System is proud to be the North West Procurement Winners of the 2013 Community Service Awards

Further information

Our dedicated COBWEB® System Team are happy to answer any questions you have and provide any further information you need. We are also available to meet you in person. Contact our Team in one of the following ways:

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